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Present Leaders
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Leading Group of the College

 Name                                       Title                                    Professional Ranks and Titles 


Meng Ailing                                Secretary of the Party Committee                     Senior Politic Officia

Fan Zejun                                            President of College                              Associate Professor

Dong Weiran                            Vice-secretary of the Party Committee                 Senior Politic Official

                                Executive Vice-President

Yang Zhenhuan                                Department Level Organizer  


Deng Jie                                            Executive Vice-President                             Associate Professor

Liang Bei                            Executive Vice-President                                      Associate Professor; 

                                                                           Master's Supervisor

Wu Xiaobing                       Executive Vice-President


   Xiao Libin                                       Executive Vice-President                                     Ph. D.; Associate Professor;  

Xiao Libin       Executive Vice-President                  Ph. D.;    Zhang Sufen                               Vice-Department Level Organizer                                Associate Professor


Luo Danning                                Vice-Department Level Organizer                                Associate    Professor


                                                                                                                   Master's Supervisor

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