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    Since its establishment, the overall layout of the disciplines in the Department of Literature

 have remained stable with steady changes with the general trend that the disciplines distribution 

is more reasonable, the discipline construction gets more perfect and the discipline sitting become 




    Currently in the Department of Literature, the number of the students pursuing Bachelor’s Degree is 1826, making this department the second largest one in the college. The details 

of the four majors are as follows:


    There are 105 permanent teachers in the Department of LiteratureThe teachers educational

 background has experienced such changes as follows:


   The teachers at the Department of Literature are relatively young in terms of educational background, and the faculty structure is basically reasonable. The ratio of teachers to students is 15.85:1 and meets the relevant requirements. The teachers with Master’s and Doctor’s degree account for nearly 80% of all teachers, which suggests that a highly qualified teacher team has formed. The college will continue to improve the percentage of teachers with Doctor’s degree so as to enhance the teaching effect and make the Department of Literature stride forward. The teachers at the Department of Literature all have enterprising spirit. At the intervals of teaching, they are enthusiastic about academic activities and relevant researches, harvesting tremendous achievements. Over the past three years, they have published nearly 50 academic dissertations on national key periodicals and magazines, some of which have been listed as the projects of provincial and college level.

    The College of Science and Technology aims to develop applied talents. With the schooling concept of implementing the principles “reading may purify one's heart and cultivate one's moral character, practicing gives full play into the heart’s content”, the Department of Literature encourage the students to apply the theoretical knowledge into practice, helping them bring their creative ideas and wisdom into full play and create self-worth through practice. Apart from English contests, painting and calligraphy exhibitions and practical activities in schools for deaf-mutes, the teachers and students at Department of Literature have launched and hosted other influencing cultural activities, like the Tranquil Lake Reading Party and Weiyang Poets' Club. In June 2011, the first Tranquil Lake Expert Forum of “Tranquil Lake in Summer Dream” was held at the Department of Literature, attracting distinguished scholars of the country to transmit wisdom and impart in Xiaoguan, Guiyang.

The students majoring in Journalism have met with a favorable social reception for their practice work and activities. For instance, their work Opium War is well received by the public for its perfect making and unique perspective, with its clicking rate on the internet has reached to over one millionThey made a documentary titled Practitioner of Freedom: Hushi and a series of MV. The documentary Taiping Heavenly Kingdom soon will be completed.  From 2010 to 2011, the Department of Literature independently organized two important educational practicing activities ---- Light of Spring Movement, through which, social investigations and socially useful activity of returning the earth, generated favorable social benefits at the local and attracting the attentions from medias in and out of the province.

Vice-Secretary of Party General Branch at the Department of Literature: Zhang Yajun

Vice-director: Zhang Jinsong

Deputy Director of Office: Wu Yingchun

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